Muye bathroom: to build a first class bathroom brand in China with quality

As we all know, bathroom products are durable consumer goods, most people in the purchase of bathroom products, quality is often the first condition, followed by the price of the product. In recent years, with the rising cost of raw materials in the bathroom industry, the sales of many bathroom products can not meet the consumers' expectations of "high quality and low price". As a result, some bathroom manufacturers are in the dilemma of unsalable. How to get rid of this dilemma has become a problem for many bathroom enterprises. This is not a difficult problem for Muye sanitary ware, which has strictly controlled the quality at the beginning of its establishment and tried its best to provide consumers with high cost-effective sanitary products.

In order to achieve the highest cost performance of the products, Zhou Yanyi, chairman of Muye sanitary ware, invested in the construction of hardware and bathroom cabinets to reduce the price of individual products, so as to reduce the price of the whole sanitary ware products. At present, Muye bathroom focuses on the production of all kinds of high-end faucets, water mouth corner valves, bathroom hardware accessories, ceramics, high-end PVC bathroom cabinets and other integrated bathroom products, and is committed to building China's first-class bathroom brand. Its products have not only won the recognition of the majority of consumers and dealers, but also become the first choice of many hotels, high-end apartments and housing projects.

Muye bathroom: to build a first class bathroom brand in China with quality

In the selection of product materials, Muye sanitary ware strictly according to the requirements of the new national standard, carefully selected materials, whether it is the leading hardware or ceramic, bathroom cabinet products, basically meet the requirements of the new national standard, and implement a comprehensive quality after-sales service, so that consumers more comfortable to use. 

In terms of quality control, in a series of processes, such as product research and development, production, assembly line operation, multi link quality inspection, later product quality tracking investigation, product information feedback and technology improvement and upgrading, the company has strengthened the quality inspection, quantified various inspection indexes in detail, and formed double quality inspection guarantee through human inspection and equipment inspection, Establish a multi-point interpenetrating and dense inspection network to check the quality of products with the maximum density and the highest strength, and strictly control the production rate of unqualified products. 

Muye bathroom: to build a first class bathroom brand in China with quality

Due to the excellent achievements in product quality control and refined management, Muye sanitary ware has won the trust and joining of many dealers. Founded 12 years ago, it has transformed from a small hardware pendant factory into an overall bathroom supplier, with more than 500 dealers and nearly 1000 exclusive stores.

For more than ten years, Muye has been shining in the industry with its sunny, steady and solid product style. Muye company's R & D power leading the leisure trend is indispensable. In the future, Muye will continue to combine advanced production equipment and innovative technology to create exquisite products. At the same time, with the complete distribution channel operation mode as the brand driving force, it will expand strongly to the national market, and create better achievements for Muye sanitary ware brand.

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