The quality is reliable and the price is reasonable. Muye is engaged in the integrated business, covering from design and production to processing, logistics, and after-sales service. We could provide complete OEM/ODM services for each customer.


Large-Capacity production – There are two big molding workshops, one clay workshop, and one glaze workshop in our company.. The production area is more than 150,000 square meter Which have 4 production kilns (including 1 tunnel kiln and 3 shuttle kilns). Our month production capacity reaches to 112,000 pcs.

Prompt lead time – There are more than 500 workers and 150 production lines in production, which make stable quality and faster delivery.

Wide range of products – Our products include one piece toilet, two-piece toilet, bidet, basin with pedestal, urinal, squatting pan, cabinet basin, counter basin, art basin and etc

Timely response - We have great experience on provide high quality service to our clients from all over the world. Our customer service department is always online that ensure timely response.

Multifarious Certificate for different market – There are different certificates for different markets, including CE, Watermark, CUPC, Watersense, SASO, ISO1725, ISO18001.

  • 150000

    Production area

  • 112000

    Monthly production

  • 500

    Employees and workers

  • 150

    Production line


With reliable German merchines and standardized produce procedure,
Muye supply stable and reliable products to you.

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